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ZiPGRO Limited is a UK registered Private Limited Company incorporated on the 1st March 2019, registered with companies house, registration number 11854309.

ZiPGRO Ltd is a business consultancy company

The company ZiPGRO Limited is for sale, to include the website domain names: and Social media accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn will also be transferred. The domains can be sold separately from the company if preferred

Guide Price: £5,000 (five thousand pounds sterling) Buyer to pay all reasonable legal fees is a valuable 6 digit domain

The word zip can be used in many ways including as:

An informal reference to moving at speed or haste – “to zip along”
Fastening with a zip, eg clothes, coat or bag
As a reference to having nothing “you’ve got zip mate”
A Zip a file in computing
A sharp whizzing sound
An American Zip code

Therefore the name ZiPGRO could suit a variety of businesses and organisations.

Below are a view ideas of how to use zipgro:

The Zip Group: which could cover a variety of business activities

In terms of moving with speed that could suit:

An electronic scooter retailer using the word zip as in zip along or being zippy
ZipGro Taxis: A taxi firm as in zipping from a to b
ZIPGro Couriers delivering packages and parcels
A responsive maintenance company will zip over to you to get the job done
Zip Growth a management consultancy helping businesses expand and grow

In the context of a noun zipgro could be used for

Zip Wires: A leisure company with zip wire activities or a manufacturer or supplier of zip lines
A clothing fastener or fabric zip manufacturer or supplier

Other uses of zipgro could be:

A USA zip code website or business
Zip files

What can you think of?

If you are interested please contact us